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Video Post: Maxx Slobbers on Micah's Hot Knob

Maxx, the cocksucking guy with the long hair perfect for grabbing and yanking down his face onto your prick, is already hard at the work he was made for, slurping down a hard juicy dick. This time it's Micah Martinez, the bronze demigod with a big ebony rod. His huge pole fits perfectly in Maxx's throat, especially when Micah lends a helping had to pull Maxx down further. Maxx brushes the hair out of his face and sucks Micah down to the root in one long stroke. It feels so fucking hot that Micah starts pumping his thighs to propel even further down his talented sucker's gullet. Maxx is getting so into this that he needs to start beating off his hardening dick. He opens wide and just lets Micah pump on in, filling his throat with perfect black cock. With a subhuman groan Maxx speeds up and sucks so deep and wet that Micah has to pull out and spurt a thick stream onto his tongue and lips. With a deep hard slurp Maxx takes in four inches of cock and sucks off every last drop of sticky sweet seed.

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Video Post: William's Hot BJ by the Fire

t's a cozy day at home by the fireplace, and David Ace is heating things up further with a smoldering bj for sexy William Crown. Down on his knees on a plush rug, he can take the time and energy to make this suck as deep and sensuous as he wants. Nursing on hung William's thick straight rod, David runs his hands along his top's slightly furry chest and belly, savors the manly musk that radiates from his dick and balls. As William stretches across the lounge, David slowly sucks on each nut, then holds his sack while he licks from head to root, wagging his butt in appreciation. He pauses to glance up into William's eyes for a sign of approval, and likes what he sees. Using hand and moth to crank the sensuality up to 11, David begins nursing with a new speed and fervor. The rhythmic flexing and relaxing from William's thighs and abs tells him that a massive sperm shot is on its way up and out. William wrestles his cock out of David's ravenous mouth to give it a few final strokes before a sticky stream starts spurting and dripping down his shaft. David gets it back in his hands and mouth to gobble down every hot drip, works his way up to give him a spermy kiss as they settle in for a snuggle by the fire.

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Video Post: David Ace Guzzles Christian's Jizz

Christian Matthews and David are so hot for each other, they are already going at it hot and heavy when the camera starts rolling. David Ace's relentless energy and expert technique has Christian's body pumping and flexing like an eel. Christian gets the idea to use David's face like a fuck toy and ram it down fast and juicy on his cock, but David's not complaining. Christian is tatted, naked and dripping with sex appeal on the bed, and David hasn't even bothered to take off his clothes yet. Christian's guiche piercing behind his balls looks good enough to lick and worship, and David needs no encouragement to go for it. Ace laps his tongue along the full length of Christian's dick, then takes the head into his hungry mouth and sucks it all in to the root. He loves it when Christian grabs his spiky hair and plows into his face like a madman. David hits a steady rhythm and sucks deep and focused, over and over with a slowly rising tempo. Finally Christian grabs his cock away and starts beating it, a race to the juicy finish. When it starts pumping out that hot sticky cream, he pushes it back into David's face. David slurps every drop like a cat with its face in a bowl of milk. Appreciative stud that he is, David grinds his crotch into Christian's throbbing and tingling cock while he spits out a gob of cum into his hot top's mouth, and the two share a post-orgasm kiss.

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Video Post: Cocksucker Cumpetition Part 3

It's Billy vs Jimmie round 3 in the happiest dicklicking contest you've seen. Billy Warner wastes NO time in stretching across the bed to grab Blake Riding's big piece and start sucking. It grows to its XXL dimensions before our eyes, a tribute to Billy's masterful oral expertise. Handsome Blake never has a second to pull off his baseball cap before he's down on the bed getting serviced. When he sprays his cumsplash across the bed after only a few strokes, Billy is there to clean up the errant splotches before he goes in to suck the splooge off that long thick source. Jimmie is going for the gold medal when he takes on Brett Bradley and his MASSIVE schlong. Sucking as though his life depended on it, Jimmie finds that it takes a helping hand to fully service Brett's monster meat, bobbing up and down with mouth and fist. Brett beats his cock and with the extra titillation of Jimmies tongue flicking the tip, he spurts a thick creamy wad across his buddy's cheek. Jimmie pops the big dribbling dickhead into his mouth as it pumps out the last few drops of delicious man juice.

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Video Post: Cumpetition Part 2

Billy warner and Jimmie Slater are back stuffing their mouths full of the thickest, meatiest pieces they can find, and we're here to watch! Jimmie gets gladly facefucked by a stubbly brown Latin stud with pierced nips and a huge uncut schlong. Every once in a while he takes a breath and beats that big meat for a stroke or two, but otherwise it's pure hot cocksucking. When his stud gets down to the final act, Billy's cheeks puff in and out and he almost gags on the insane amount of hot thick manjuice that overflows his mouth and runs down his chin and neck. It's a cumflood like you've rarely seen. Billy's making time with muscled cub Marcos Mateo, with trimmed chest hair and a hard straight cock. The horny cub rocks and pumps in perfect sync with Billy's perpetual motion cumguzzling mouth. Maybe Billy's PUMP! jockstrap is taken as a literal command. Billy uses his almost lethally effective hand and mouth combo on Mateo's cock and has him grimacing and groaning in uncontrollable heat. Billy sucks Marcos' nuts and keeps his face close by as he senses a big cum wad is on the way. When it spurts out in a big eruption Billy dives in, pushes his beating fist away to gulp down every drop of the precious fluid. He even laps up errant drips splattered on the sheet below and gives Marcos' hand a special oral washing. Another day and another pair of big cummers for our trusty cocksucker kings.

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Video Post: Micah Gives David a Cum Facial

One step inside the open door and already cum guzzler David Ace is on his knees and groping Micah Martinez' thick coffee-colored dick. He kneads Micah's low, heavy nuts and goes in for a full throatful of huge erect cock. In an act of dick worship, David licks around the edges with a darting tongue, never losing eye contact with Micah. Then he opens his throat wide and slowly gorges himself on the whole upward-curving shaft. He holds the prick up against Micah's stubbly pubes and juggles the balls in his ravenous mouth. Now Micah can't help getting his ass in gear and begins to pump his hips and propel his rod down David's gullet. David strokes him with two hands and goes back to slurping and worshipping the smooth slick head. Micah braces the back of David's head and fucks in hard and fast. All his careful attention is getting to Micah, who begins breathing deep and slowly, feeling his nuts churning up a load to send rocketing out of that massive cock. Micah lays a hand on his cock for the first time and immediately a thick creamy batch of spermy goodness comes streaming out. He aims for David's mouth but sprays shot after shot across David's mouth and chin. David licks up as much as he can, kneels there drenched and dripping hot stud juice and smiling with cocksucker satisfaction.

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Video Post: David Gobbles and Guzzles August

If you're a cockgobbler and cummguzzler like David Ace, getting to go down on megahung August Alexander must be a holiday gift come early, wrapped in a sweet chocolate foreskin. David is slow and methodical, sliding his mouth down the smooth, LONG shaft to its fuzzy root, occasionally stopping to take a breath and slap that big monster around his face. August hasn't had to lift a finger, or even pull down his thermal knit boxers. David is just so eager and hot to trot that he's happy to kneel and serve. August's mahogany-colored pole is getting even bigger with all the attention (if that's even possible) so David enlists a hand to follow his mouth on the long journey from root to tip. August begins flexing his hips to pump into David's hot mouth with every stroke. Things are heating up fast. David looks up into August's eyes to get a read on how his careful ministrations are being received, and likes what he sees. August has to pull out to whip up a creamy hot batch and feed his hungry little cocksucker. When it starts to dribble out, David immediately takes over, licking and sucking every drop, letting it cover his lips and chin and overflow the corners of his mouth. The final act of sharing cums when David spits out a big wad into August's welcoming mouth.

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Video Post: David and Jace's Blow to Go

Jace barely made it in the apartment door before David Ace grabbed his dick and started blowing him. Jace's thick cock is the kind you can't wait to get down your throat and filling your mouth, so it's totally understandable. He holds David's shoulder and guides his cock straight in and down to the tonsils. David's got a huge appetite for cock and a great technique as well, which we see all over Jace's blissed-out face. David's jerking his cock and occasionally looking up for signs of encouragement, but mainly he can't take his one-track mind off the need for seed. He wants to feel that big cock opening up his throat, spurting a thick load of tasty cream across his tongue and sliding on down. Just the thought gets him beating his prick faster. He slowly takes it all in, swallowing till his lips feel the bristly pubes and he's hit bottom. He kneels a little lower, opens up and holds his tongue out as Jace jerks. In just a second, here it cums, sprewing a hot puddle into his mouth. David gets so worked up just eating that gooey load that he shoots his own, across his thighs and hitting the floor.

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Video Post: David Gobbles Rave's XXL Schlong

Rave Hardick barely made it past the door before David Ace had his shorts down and was slurping down his massive 9" pole. Not the Rave had any objections, he grabbed David by the scruff of the neck and fucked his cock deep into the slim stud's throat. Rave managed to peel David's mouth away from the delectable dick long enough to turn around and rim his tight little hole, but that was only a momentary diversion for the avid cocksucker. David's a major talent at sucking dick, managed to deep throat till his lips were brushing Rave's curly pubes. Things turned serious, David assisting with a jacking hand and Rave pulling him onto the cock with a steady hand around his head. A giant load was bubbling up and David was there to swallow every drop. When it came, even hungry cumeater David couldn't get it all down in one try, with rivulets of sperm dripping out the sides of his mouth. But a cleanup tongue and cummy kiss later and David's face was sparkling clean and all that tasty protein was sliding down his gullet!

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Video Post: Cocksucker Cum-petition

If there was a contest for the thirstiest, most relentless cocksucker in town, Billy Warner And Jimmie Slater would be two prime candidates. Billy's a hot scruffy dirty blonde (in every sense of the word) who walks in to find Ethan Palmer lying in bed stroking. Billy latches on to that big thick tool and nurses it like a hungry baby at feeding time. Only stopping long enough to roll Ethan's nuts around in his mouth while he catches a breath, this lean, hungry sucker is every top's dream come true. Billy finally stops sucking and lies back with mouth gaping to catch a mouthful of Ethan's sperm and beat his own off in appreciation. In a parallel world, the very same scene plays out. Alessio Romero jacks his dick when Jimmie Palmer walks in to plaster his face down on Alessio's crotch. Stroking the dick while he sucks it to the hilt, Jimmie doesn't even make time to yank down his shorts. His hand and mouth tagteam work Alessio up till he fires off a hefty load right into Jimmie's insatiable mouth. Here are your entries, cocksmen! Have you seen any better?

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Video Post: Spencer Gives Maxx a Juicy Meal

Tousle-haired Spencer Gray probably doesn't know what he's getting into when he unleashes Maxx Stoner's insatiable mouth on his hard cock. The young pup has a good-sized cock by any measure, but Maxx slides straight down the fuzzy pubes on first gobble. Spencer rocks his pelvis forward and back as he grips Maxx by the long hairs, feeling his dickhead caressed by the expert cumguzzler yielding throat. Maxx slides his smooth open lips along the straight hard shaft. That dick must taste great, because Maxx starts nursing on it, sucking smooth and insistently to work up a thick wad of sperm. Spencer's hips rock and quiver as that big blast gets closer. Spencer pulls out and gives a few smooth strokes. The cum starts oozing out and dripping down the long rosy shaft. Maxx cleans up every drop and carefully laps up the splashes that made it to the chair seat below. The mark of a true cumeater in action.

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Video Post: Maxx Gobbles London's Pole

Inveterate cocksucker Maxx Stoner is already hard at work swallowing London Bexley's thick, swollen cock to the stubbly root. London is quick to give a helping hand, pulling back Maxx's thick, shiny black hair and grabbing the back of his head to assist in the best blowjob around. Maxx goes harder and faster, with London's hand guiding and propelling him down onto the thick veiny meat. Maxx swallows completely, holds the entire cock in his throat and gargles on its juicy girth. He moves down to London's shiny, cockringed nuts, licking and slathering them with juicy saliva. Maxx sees how close London is getting and slows it down, intently stroking with one hand while keeping his mouth attached to the rosy head. Maxx knows the cock is HIS now, ready to explode in a spurt of creamy goodness. He doesn't want to waste the moment, but gets a little carried away himself. When London stands to facefuck him, Maxx sucks and nurses the engorged pole like a man possessed, till London lets loose in his mouth. He pulls away to let long strings of sticky sperm coat Maxx's goateed chin. He pulls the expert cocksucker up to give him a grateful smooch for a job VERY well done.

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