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Squirting into Brodie

1 year, 3 months

Joseph Banks and Brodie Ramirez are tearing up the sheets. Brodie is a perfect power bottom, taking charge and making sure he'll get the cock he needs. He's flexing biceps and holding Joseph tight up against his chest as he gets his nipple sucked. Joseph moves down to Brodie's crotch and sucks him to an impressive woody as Brodie holds the back of his head aggressively. Serviced to his satisfaction, Brodie takes Joseph's cock in his mouth and gives it a wet, juicy once-over. bucking like a bronc, he straddles Joseph's face as he sucks, giving Banks a chance to taste his hot tight ass. Joseph wags his tongue and mouth across Brodie's hungry hole, then dives forward to get his face pressed up into that hot ass as Brodie lies face down on the bed. Banks grabs a lube shooter to squirt a dollop deep into Brodie's hole, getting him slippery inside and out. First to enter the hungry orifice is a big ivory-colored dildo that Joseph twists and works in. Brodie pumps his ass back toward the anal invader, groaning with pleasure. Ass hot, juicy and ready for action, Banks' own thick cock is next up to plow in. Nibbling at Brodie's neck and holding him by the shoulders, Joseph pounds his ass from behind. His balls slap against Brodies smooth tight bottom. They turn so Brodie can ride on Banks' big cock, his own stiff woody bouncing with every bump and grind. Finally slowing down and ready to take a break, Brodie lies next to Joseph with one leg jacked up and his ass open wide. Banks holds his thigh and plows in to own that hot booty. When Brodie begs for a load, Banks pulls out and squirts thick streams of sperm that run down his crack and onto his balls. He pushes inside and slides the puddles of cum down around the hole, then licks it all up. Brodie wants to give Joseph a bit of dick therapy and pounds into his ass, squirting his own juicy DNA on and into Joseph's hungry hole.

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