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Cesar Pumps William's Big Booty

1 year, 3 months

Cesar Xes is hot and #horny and that's fine with #cocksucking bottom William Crown, already down on his knees to suck him to max hardness. Holding William behind the ears, Cesar plows his big bronzed cock into the hungry sucker's deep throat. Cesar is so inspired he takes a turn slurping down William's thick knob, getting it drenched and slick with strings of gooey spit. Moving down from the fuzzy nuts, Cesar gets a mouthful of hair-lined asshole, lubing it just enough to ease his rough entry. Once he's in there's not friction and he's free to slide in and out. Cesar's muscle ass bobs up and down and his prick dives deep into the hot hungry hole with a series of loud thwacks, as flesh slams into flesh. They roll over and William is on top grinding onto Cesar's straight rod. Cesar pulls out just long enough to lick up the foamy pre-cum leaking out of William's throbbing hole. William's stiff #cock metronomes from side to side as he slams his butt down onto the relentless prodding of Cesar's tough strokes. He groans as Cesar fills his guts with hard wet cock, reaches around to pull him in even further. The juicy fuck is loud and sweaty as Cesar starts speeding toward the finish line. His nuts pull up tight and he pulls out briefly to stroke the first creamy wad out, before pushing it in to spurt inside William's quivering butthole. William coats his hairy belly with a shower of jizz and licks the taste off his sexy top's cock. #CesarXes #WilliamCrown

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