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Strawberries & Creamin'

7 months, 3 weeks

The fruit is good, but I'm wanting something sweeter from Conrad Daniels today. Last week he blew me and I could tell he was enthusiastic about my jizz. Let's see if he likes it after its been sweetened by his scent. After a reminder of just how big my cock is, I put him on his knees to eat; it's as good as it tastes On my back, Conrad straddles me and slips his hole over my bare cock, now that's a natural fit. Using the inertia of the bed, we fuck and hold nothing back. Embedded deep, Conrad gives a moan and says, "oh fuck me;" he is a great bottom. Changing positions, I get lost in his sweet "box," and edge on his rim. Pulling out to jizz, I hit his taint and hole, then go back in for Conrad to blow. Shooting a good one, this guy is the real deal, with some awesome orifices. Christop and Conrad did a great job, and fuck!

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