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Flippin' With A Dude

9 months

Oh hell yeah, I'm ready to share with Shane Omen; that boy can suck and take a cock like no other. Hooking up with this hottie, he goes down and sees how much he can choke on; I face fuck to please his pie hole. Blowing him a bit, I then turn the boy and eat my fill; he reciprocates with a "spit to polish." After more oral, I bend Shane over and fill him. His supper tight hole needs some gauging, but he is soon open and accommodating every inch. Up for my turn, Shane shoves himself in me and goes to town like an eager beaver. As my hole amuses both of us, our bodies start to sweat. On the floor and ready to blow, I have Shane pump freely; my jizz splashes everywhere. Shane is next with his delivery; a fine coat of white is dumped. Satisfied, we both recover.

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