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Chocolate Fuckmachine August Plows Kurt

1 year, 3 months

August Alexander is built, tattooed and HUNG! The mahogany-skinned stud tackles scruffy leatherman Kurt Klein to the bed and smothers him in hard kisses, grinds his massive cock against Kurt's crotch. Kurt is well-hung himself, and grabs his cock in one hand and August's in the other and jacks them together. It's a scorching picture as the two bearded studs, one shaved and pale, the other dark and curly-haired make out and mash their bodies together. Kurt tries to get August's dick down his throat, but manages to get partway down and hold the root in his clenched fist. His eyes pop open in amazement at the thick chocolate-colored rod. Finally squeezing August's nuts, he manages to get most of it stuffed into his happy face. Grabbing Kurt's muscular ass, August's hands work their way into his hairy crack, and fingers rub his hungry hole. August pushes his legs back to get his mouth pressed into Kurt's ass, rimming until he's ready to take on that giant stiff prick. With Kurt on all fours, August gives a powerful thrust and buries his cock into Kurt. The tattooed muscle bottom pushes back into the massive meat pounding into him. August gets a good grip on Kurt and pumps hard. Gripping the red sheets, Kurt braces for every tough thrust and groans with deep fuck hunger. As he turns onto his back Kurt twiddles his nips as 10" of prime meat pummels his ass. He reaches down to grab his dick as the fuck speeds up. He climbs on to grind his ass down all the way onto August's fuzzy crotch. August pulls out and sprays all over his thighs, crotch and the still-hungry hole, then Kurt sits on the spurting rod to feel the last drops shooting straight into his guts.

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