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I love older men, they just know how to do me right. Paired with Christian Mathews, I give him my lips, then blow him. Trading off, he also shoves my face into his pits, and the scent is amazing. Once he's in me, my hole responds fully to his every motion. Riding him, I go until I bust; fuck, that was hot. Sucking his cock and balls, Christian blasts a load fit for a daddy. Conrad Daniels is a sweet bottom for

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Gettin' home to my hole, I see Caleb's got his hand down his pants; I control when he cums. Teachin' him a lesson in listening to me, I fuck him raw and fill him up. He learns to behave and I let him blow his load. RJ Cummings has quite the control over his husband, just they way we like it!

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Calling me up, my daddy, Ray Dalton, wants to fill my hole; he's so good with his dick. Tasting Ray's precum, it's like honey. Once he works his way in, I use my muscles to make him feel welcome; Ray gives me goosebumps as he pushes and pulls. Fucking me all over the bed, my daddy takes his time and watches as my hole grows. Arching my back fully, I feel every inch of his awesome dick. Ray blows his load in my hole; he's done me so well, I cum twice. Bae CupID is such a hottie; he loves his daddy!

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Damn, David Ace's hands are all over me and my hard cock. With a, "fuck," he pulls me out and swallows. Loving his enthusiasm, and his mouth, David has my full attention. Stripping down, he leaves on a sexy jockstrap to entice. Eating David's ass is as good as it looks; he has a very hot body. Thrusting fully from the start, he then begs me to let him ride. A bit a spit and wiggle get him down onto my shaft; he jerks while he shows me his skills. Turning to face me, David is just as eager; his dick swells and spews onto my chest. On his knees, David's hole offers just the right sensation to creampie him. Moans and whimpers heighten the sensation; I go in for a taste and push some of my jizz back in; damn David, where did you get those skills? Tristan Mathews came to provide, he did not disappoint on

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Strawberries & Creamin' on Oct. 4, 2019, 12:51 p.m.

The fruit is good, but I'm wanting something sweeter from Conrad Daniels today. Last week he blew me and I could tell he was enthusiastic about my jizz. Let's see if he likes it after its been sweetened by his scent. After a reminder of just how big my cock is, I put him on his knees to eat; it's as good as it tastes On my back, Conrad straddles me and slips his hole over my bare cock, now that's a natural fit. Using the inertia of the bed, we fuck and hold nothing back. Embedded deep, Conrad gives a moan and says, "oh fuck me;" he is a great bottom. Changing positions, I get lost in his sweet "box," and edge on his rim. Pulling out to jizz, I hit his taint and hole, then go back in for Conrad to blow. Shooting a good one, this guy is the real deal, with some awesome orifices. Christop and Conrad did a great job, and fuck!

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Shoot It In Me: J Elliot & Gabriel Blue on Oct. 4, 2019, 12:14 p.m.

J Elliot and Gabriel Blue start with making out on the bed before exchanging blowjobs. Gabriel then straddles J and sits on his big fat cock and we get a great look at Gabriel's hairy ass. J then flips Gabriel over and finishes fucking him with his cum.

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Shoot It In Me: Kamrun & Chris Kohl on Oct. 4, 2019, 11:41 a.m.

Chris sucks and rims Kamrun. Kamrun flips Chris over and fucks him. He then flips him on his back, cums on his hole, and pushes it back in.

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Shoot It In Me: Brendan Shaw & Seth on Oct. 4, 2019, 11:19 a.m.

Brendan Shaw gets sucked by Seth, then Brendan plays with Seth's ass and fucks him in 2 positions before he cums in his hole.

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Leon sucks Christian's uncut cock, sits on it, gets bent over a bed and fucked while standing. Then he gets fucked hard on his back. He shoots a nice cum shot on his hole.

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Mick Raw Fucks @RyanCummingsRAW on Sept. 20, 2019, 2:34 p.m.

Mick Raw Fucks Ryan Cummings!

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Jay Barebacks @RyanCummingsRAW on Sept. 20, 2019, 1:36 p.m.

Jay Barebacks Ryan Cummings' cum hole!

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Matt Wood Barebacks @RyanCummingsRAW on Sept. 20, 2019, 1:23 p.m.

BarebackRT, the leading bareback gay personals site, is the best place to meet hot fuckers such as Ryan Cummings. That's exactly who Matt Wood narrowed down his search for on their website, knowing full well that this hot porn star stud was in town. Mission accomplished, he finds Ryan online and within minutes the sexy bottom with an insatiable ass is at his door. When he arrives, he is wearing some extremely sexy little jogging shorts that expose just enough of his jockstrap to obviously give Wood some 'wood.' He can't wait to get to that hole, and starts with his fingers before inserting his tongue and finally his firm, hard, raw and juicy dick deep into Ryan's tight butthole. He fucks him against a counter top and continues to pound him, until Ryan can take no more and shoots his wad... hands free.

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