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William Crown drops by to hookup with lean #muscular #black #stud Parker Payne, and Parker drops to his knees to welcome William's big hard #cock. He easily deep throats William to the fuzzy pubes, and William grabs him from behind and fucks his piece into Parker's wide open mouth. As William sits at the couch, Parker goes down to the balls and keeps his dick in there. When he backs his mouth away it's grown to its full impressive length and is stiff as a board. It's time to move on to the main event. Parker braces against the back of the couch and pokes up his ass for William to bury his face in. Crown gets a mouthful and sucks hard on the sweet and hungry pucker while his hands spread the crack and muscular cheeks wide apart. He gives the smooth chocolate colored buns an appreciative smack before he licks faster and beats his cock. William presses his hard dick into the crack of Parker's tight ass, gives a hard push to get it in and comfortable, then grabs both cheeks as he pumps away. Parker grinds back into each hard thrust, moaning "Oh FUCK, you like that ass!" Crown's pole drills in deep as Parker climbs on to ride. Parker holds his junk in one hand and braces with the other as he slams straight down onto the slick juicy cock. They're both getting ready to blast. William turns his buddy onto his back and plows in to the hilt. He's not holding back now, but racing to a big splashy finish. As Parker's hole milks him for a batch of hot seed, William's body writhes like a hot fuck machine. He grabs Parker's butt and slams in faster. Pulling out just in time, the creamy white spurts of William's load dot the dark ebony skin of Parker's big muscular ass.

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Ace in His Hole on June 23, 2019, 1:38 a.m.

Drew Baldwin is a lean stud with a little brushy mustache and a need to put his long straight #dick to good use. When Tito Ace drops to his knees and starts sucking it's pretty clear that this hairy bud with a regular guy build is just what Drew's looking for. Tito's looking for a taste of Baldwin's hair-lined crack, and drives a finger in to check out the lay of the land. Drew backs into Tito's insistent tongue and starts beating off. But plot twist! When we see dick drilling into #hairy ass it's Drew doing the reaming and Tito moaning as his butt gets plowed full of horny stiff cock. Tito's gyrations on the tip of Drew's dick set his balls twirling in their furry sack. Drew grabs him by the hips to get a still target to pummel into. Licking his lips and spreading his legs wide, Tito is a well-seasoned cum dump who's ready to milk the living daylights out of Drew's big woody. He climbs on and grinds on the rockhard pole. Tito cups his cock and balls in one hand to pull them up and see the point of hard penetration. Lean mean Baldwin just wants to empty his seed into a warm throbbing hole and Tito's love canal is begging for it. Drew throws back his head with eyes closed, just feeling the warm wet sensation on his sperm shooter. Getting closer, he takes a big round cheek in each hand and pumps his cock in hard and faster, sneakered feet bobbing behind him as his fuck rhythm gets more intense. Sucking a deep breath in between his teeth, Drew mumbles "Shoot" as he empties his nuts onto Tito's welcoming bum then drives it back in to spurt out the last few shots inside. #BAREBACK #RIMMING #DrewBaldwin #TitoAce

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Rave Pumps David Full of Dick on March 18, 2019, 11:36 a.m.

Rave Hardick leads David Ace into his bedroom and starts making out with him. His hands cup the round globes of David's hungry ass, work down his jock and slide fingers into the tight hot crack. David in turn gropes his buddy's crotch then pulls down his faded jeans to free his massive cock. It's good enough to eat, so he strokes with one hand while he slicks the big pole with spit straight from his slobbering mouth. David sits back on the futon couch while rave holds his skull and fucks that giant meat into his throat. Rave pins him against the wall to lap at David's hot ass, giving his feet a lick for good measure. David moans his encouragement, knowing that the tongue in his hole will be replaced by a gigantic throbbing cock. Rave gets a mouthful of toes while he props his raw woody against the lean bottom's spitslick hole. Adding one more gob, Rave pushes in. David feels the hot sensation push past his prostate and groans involuntarily. Rave slides in slow, lets David feel every inch, then holds his piece buried inside to the root. He lets David wrap his legs around and ride as he kneels, slide fully up and down the thick juicy rod. He fucks from behind, slamming hard against the muscled buns, then pulls out to juice David's back with a stream of sperm. he pushes in while the cum is still spurting, then watches as David squeezes it back out his tingling hole. They kiss while David jerks a hot splash across his abs and taut thighs. #thighs bareback

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Micah Martinez and Gunner stand devouring each others' tongues and mouths, with Micah massaging Gunner's ass and Gunner grabbing a big handful of hard cock inside Mica's shorts. Their shirts come off , then Gunner's jeans drop while Micah kneads his muscular jockstrapped butt. Gunner wants to taste every inch of his hot caramel-colored stud, licks his pits then takes a big mouthful of rich brown cock. Micah grabs the back of his neck and pumps in deep to Gunner's throat. Gunner crouches down with arms resting on the back on the sofa as Micah dives in face-first to suck on his hot hole. Lubing with a big wad of spit, he drives a finger in to loosen up his buddy. Taking a stance behind Gunner's tatted muscle body, Micah slides in and fills him to the hilt. Gunner keeps his feet spread wide to open up for a hard hot fuck. Micah pumps in, picks up speed as Gunner braces against the couch. His low heavy nuts slap against the butt straps of Gunner's jock as he slams his crotch against his buddy's round firm ass. Micah sits at the couch for Gunner to climb onto his cock and ride. Powerful smacks of flesh against flesh echo through the room as they fuck deep and fast. Gunner closes his eyes and throws his head back to savor every inch of the cock reaming his hole. Micah smiles, looks deep into his eyes as the two horny studs bond in a moment of rough, manly, animal fucking. Gunner starts beating his cock hard. He can't hold back much longer. Gripping a wooden post for dear life, Gunner feels a hot splash of cum hit his cheeks before Micah fucks back in and fills him with a rich spurt of creamy sperm that leaks out his hole. Dripping with cum, he splatters his own load across his crotch.

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Chocolate Fuckmachine August Plows Kurt on March 18, 2019, 11:24 a.m.

August Alexander is built, tattooed and HUNG! The mahogany-skinned stud tackles scruffy leatherman Kurt Klein to the bed and smothers him in hard kisses, grinds his massive cock against Kurt's crotch. Kurt is well-hung himself, and grabs his cock in one hand and August's in the other and jacks them together. It's a scorching picture as the two bearded studs, one shaved and pale, the other dark and curly-haired make out and mash their bodies together. Kurt tries to get August's dick down his throat, but manages to get partway down and hold the root in his clenched fist. His eyes pop open in amazement at the thick chocolate-colored rod. Finally squeezing August's nuts, he manages to get most of it stuffed into his happy face. Grabbing Kurt's muscular ass, August's hands work their way into his hairy crack, and fingers rub his hungry hole. August pushes his legs back to get his mouth pressed into Kurt's ass, rimming until he's ready to take on that giant stiff prick. With Kurt on all fours, August gives a powerful thrust and buries his cock into Kurt. The tattooed muscle bottom pushes back into the massive meat pounding into him. August gets a good grip on Kurt and pumps hard. Gripping the red sheets, Kurt braces for every tough thrust and groans with deep fuck hunger. As he turns onto his back Kurt twiddles his nips as 10" of prime meat pummels his ass. He reaches down to grab his dick as the fuck speeds up. He climbs on to grind his ass down all the way onto August's fuzzy crotch. August pulls out and sprays all over his thighs, crotch and the still-hungry hole, then Kurt sits on the spurting rod to feel the last drops shooting straight into his guts.

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Hans Berlin is hungry for hole, and Nathan Daniels is ready to be pumped full of raw meat. They paw at each other in the kitchen, and once Hans' dick is out Nathan kneels in front to get his face fucked. Almost gagging on the thick meat, Nathan drools juicy gobs that slide from Hans' tight nuts. He positions his mouth so Hans can hold his skull and drive in to the root. Nathan bends over the kitchen counter and Hans dives in to eat. Face buried in the young stud's meaty crack, Hans pulls away only to drive in a finger or two into the wet, spit slick hole. He plows his cock into the juicy ass and begins pounding. Nathan's hard woody bobs up with the power of each rough stroke. Riding his ass like a cowboy, Hans gives Nathan's ass an appreciative slap or two. He grabs his hot bottom's shoulders and rams his dick in even harder. Nathan rolls onto the counter and spreads his legs open for the tough top to give it to him good. His butt quivers and shakes from the power of Hans' thrusts, and he can't keep his hands off his own meat any longer. Hans steps up onto the counter and lies back as Nathan rides. Their bodies knit together in unison, they work up to a deep hot spray. Hans pulls out and fingers his horny buddy as he erupts a river of cum that juices Nathan's crack, then pumps his raw spurting cock back in. He parts the hairy ass as hot sperm leaks out the fresh-fucked hole.

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JayCee Plows Rave by the French Doors on March 18, 2019, 11:24 a.m.

On a sunny, breezy day by the open French doors, Rave Hardick gets down on his knees to suck off his bf JayCee. These guys know every inch of each others' bodies, and Rave knows what gets his buddy off. He reaches down into his jeans to grab his cock, while his face is getting fucked full of hot muscle daddy dick. JayCee gives Rave a juicy blowjob holding his heavy nuts and working his way down to the fuzzy root. The two get on hands and knees for JayCee to lap at Rave's hole, cock bobbing up with every wet lick. Rave takes charge and positions his bud's prick at his hungry, spitslick hole, grinding his ass slowly down onto it. Grabbing JayCee's thigh for support, he slams his body down to feel the hot throbbing cock ram into him. JayCee is getting worked up and holds him by the hips to guide his cock directly into that magic button inside Rave's ass. Rave groans as he takes every inch, with his own massive cock rockhard and slapping his abs as he rides. It's time for JayCee to plow in straight and deep, and he rams Rave from behind. He grabs his lean buddy's shoulders and buries his cock in to the hilt. Speeding up, both studs groan with pleasure and need as their balls tighten and fill with sperm. JayCee pulls out to milk out a creamy load, pushing it back in raw and still spurting. Rave beats his cock in time with JayCee's thrusts, splatters a cummy mess all over his lean tight abs.

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Nathan Rides Micah's Chocolate Stick on March 18, 2019, 11:24 a.m.

Horny pups Nathan Daniels and Micah Martinez are not interested in small talk. The camera rolls and they are already full-on making out with their hands groping nips and crotches. Once they each get a good feel of the other's dick it's time to peel off the shirts and start getting down to the real business, and Nathan is first to unbutton Micah's fly and dive in for a hot handful. When he sees that it's already rock hard, the jeans come down and his mouth is bobbing up and down on that tasty ebony rod. He uses Micah's musky socks as a popper and goes to work licking and worshipping his smooth, perfect feet. Nathan strips down and poses crouched across the sofa, and Micah motorboats his round pink ass cheeks. Once he's licked and prodded the hole with his deft tongue, he too dives down for a bit of toe-sucking goodness. He rises and kneels behind Nathan, ramming his big raw cock straight in. Grabbing both cheeks, he slides in smooth and hard. Nathan's ass ripples with the force of each hard stroke. Nathan groans with half-closed eyes, begging "Fuck me!" to his hung buddy. Micah's nuts slap against his hairy crack as he turns up the speed. Nathan turns over and beats his meat as Micah plows in. Nathan grabs a pec and twiddles Micah's tight brown nip. He rides Micah as they turn to drive in deeper, and neither stud can hold out for long. Micah guides Nathan's big muscular ass down onto his throbbing pole and gets ready to blast his wad. He pulls out and jacks into Nathan's crack, pushing the load back in as rivulets drip along the sides. He spreads the hairy ass to watch cum drool out the satisfied hole, then Nathan splatters his pubes with a juicy spray of his own.

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Jasper Gets Pounded By Christian on March 18, 2019, 11:24 a.m.

Wow, muscleboy Christian Matthews has really grown gracefully into his role as an uberHOT musclebear daddy. Here he's plugging the hungry mouth of Jasper Jones, who can't wait to pull down his shorts and get naked. The two manly men feast on each other's cocks, Jasper writhing on the bed as Christian swallows him down to the root. Jasper's hot hairy hole gets a warmup from Christian's tongue and probing finger, and by the looks of things it's begging for more. Jasper's legs are spread wiiiide open and Christian takes the opportunity to burrow in and get a musky taste. Even JJ's feet get some oral attention, as Christian licks across and between every toe with a dreamy look of ecstasy on his face. Jasper turns the tables, determined to get Christian into fighting form for a man-to-man fuck session. Sucking Chris' balls and jacking his dick means he's raring to go. Christian piledrives on in from behind as Jasper arches his back and keeps his ass up at plowing height. He pumps fast and deep, almost taking JJ's breath away with his unleashed power. The sight of Christian's hairy crack and balls slapping up against Jasper's fuzzy ass is any dicklover's dream come true. A few minutes of high-speed rabbit humping and Jasper needs to slow it down a little. Riding Christian's cock then rolling over for an intense deep fuck Jasper is able to set a speed that can keep the studs fucking long and hard. They kiss and share a deeply connected fuck that brings them to the very edge. Christian pulls out his juicy raw cock and beats until it splatters Jasper's nuts with cream, then pushes his spurting dick back inside to finish. He plows in and grabs Jasper by the neck, nailing his ass to the bed. Jasper sprays out his own long-held load, which Christian licks up and spits back into his stud-buddy's gaping mouth.

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Mason Gets Moby-Dicked by August's Big Tool on March 18, 2019, 12:08 a.m.

August Alexander is mega hung, and it takes a brave and horny man like Mason Lear to take it all. But Mason is hot and ready, sucking August's thick massive prong like a champion in a secluded laundry room. August wants in on the fun as well, so he kneels to swallow Mason's own substantial woody. Mason turns to brace himself against the door while August burrows into his hole with a big slobbering tongue. Saliva is dripping in long strings off August's chin and Mason's taint as he gets the hottest sloppiest, juiciest rim job you've seen. Lubed with a load of spit, Mason's ass is open for business, and August slides his ginormous cock in. Mason's eyes roll back as he breathes deep to take the big mammoth. The ebony pole slams into him like it was custom made for his hungry butt. Mason lies back onto the washing machine, and it's a good bet the poor device is rocked like it never has been before, as the power of August thrusting knocks into it while he pummels Mason. They move to the safety and stability of the floor and Mason rides his ass up and down on the dark pillar of man meat. August pulls out, leaves Mason's hole still quivering, throbbing and twitching as he milks out a sticky spurt that coats Mason's crack. He pushes in to spray the last wads of sperm deep into the horny hole. Mason is ready to beat off himself, but first gives August a taste of his own sweet medicine, pumping his rockhard dick into the mahogany muscleman. He pounds out a load on August's fuzzy crack then plows in to let his spurting dick finish its final spasms in the warm wet love tunnel.

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Cesar Pumps William's Big Booty on March 17, 2019, 9:11 p.m.

Cesar Xes is hot and #horny and that's fine with #cocksucking bottom William Crown, already down on his knees to suck him to max hardness. Holding William behind the ears, Cesar plows his big bronzed cock into the hungry sucker's deep throat. Cesar is so inspired he takes a turn slurping down William's thick knob, getting it drenched and slick with strings of gooey spit. Moving down from the fuzzy nuts, Cesar gets a mouthful of hair-lined asshole, lubing it just enough to ease his rough entry. Once he's in there's not friction and he's free to slide in and out. Cesar's muscle ass bobs up and down and his prick dives deep into the hot hungry hole with a series of loud thwacks, as flesh slams into flesh. They roll over and William is on top grinding onto Cesar's straight rod. Cesar pulls out just long enough to lick up the foamy pre-cum leaking out of William's throbbing hole. William's stiff #cock metronomes from side to side as he slams his butt down onto the relentless prodding of Cesar's tough strokes. He groans as Cesar fills his guts with hard wet cock, reaches around to pull him in even further. The juicy fuck is loud and sweaty as Cesar starts speeding toward the finish line. His nuts pull up tight and he pulls out briefly to stroke the first creamy wad out, before pushing it in to spurt inside William's quivering butthole. William coats his hairy belly with a shower of jizz and licks the taste off his sexy top's cock. #CesarXes #WilliamCrown

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Someone's Balls Deep in Micah's Guts on March 17, 2019, 9:11 p.m.

And that guy is Joel Someone, who's stiff and ready to rumble from the first kiss. Furry and bearded, Joel slaps his cock around Micah Martinez' big cock sucking mouth, then grabs behind the ears to reach deep down Micah's throat. He kneels to pull off his briefs and while he's down there sucks on the sweet chocolate rod bobbing in his face. He juts out his tongue to give Micah's nuts a little tickle, then looks up as he worships the veiny bronze dick. Micah's butt is as hairy as Joel's chest, and looks good for the eating. Joel laps and tongues the throbbing pucker, then motorboats his face across the hairy crack. Slick with saliva, Micah's hole is open and ready when Joel plows in, his mushroom head popping out when he gets too enthusiastic with his strokes. Micah tilts his head back and groans when Joel hits that spot deep inside. His nuts rock forward and back with each hard thrust. Legs apart, mouth open and a big smile over his cock starved face, Micah grabs his cheeks and steadies for the force of Joel's fuck. Joel's "balls deep in your little guts," as he mutters in the throes of fuck hungry pumping. As Micah straddles his legs over Joel's waist to get his butt's insatiable appetite fulfilled, Joel starts jabbing in hard from below. Legs wrapped around each other, they rock together in a sex-machine rhythm that can't hold on for long. Joel's eyes roll back as he's ready to fire. Pulling out and jerking out his overdue load, Joel pushes back in to feel Micah's quivering insides milk the last shots out of him. As they kiss, Micah lies back and sprays a big creamy puddle onto his abs, then pushes his cock into Joel for one last hot thrill.

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