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Brian Chavez Yanks and Wanks

1 year, 3 months

Sexy brown Dominican straight boy Brian Chavez doesn't like sucking dick (duhh!) but loves to pull his pud for the camera. Stripping down to show off his uncut 8" meat, he just needs a little squirt of lube and he's ready for action. His long loose foreskin glides enticingly over the big shiny head of his perfect cock. He loves his cock as much as we could. Brian enlists both hands to slide back the skin and give his nuts a good yank. His balls bob and shake with his hard stroking, and he instinctively slides a hand across his muscular chest. Rising to his knees he fucks his fist and keeps a close eye on his beautiful dick. Cupping his sack with one hand and pulling on his long perfect piece with the other, he feels the rumble of a load boiling up in his balls. Settling back onto the couch and beating a slow steady rhythm, a creamy wad comes spurting out in no time flat. Brian smiles at the camera for a job well-done.

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