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Chris & Jacob on March 27, 2019, 3:45 a.m.

Chris and Jacob are a couple of married guys that like to "play on the side." Chris prefers to identify with straight and says he thinks that Jacob is really bisexual on our way to pick up Jacob. It's still daylight out and seems that these guys usually do their thing in the car. I suggested we go back to my office and that was fine with them. They no sooner walk in the door, head right for the water cooler and start shedding their clothes. Chris is up first and gets to enjoy Jacob's lip service in the chair. I think I'll have to agree with Chris's assumption about Jacob being Bi. Look at that boy go on Chris' cock. He sure looks like a "pro cock sucker!" Then Chris returns the favor. Now Chris definitely does look more like an amateur straight guy when it comes to sucking cock. Jacob takes over and tugs one out with Chris and I watching. Afterwards, I told them I would like to film them fucking next time. Think I caught them by surprise with that, but I also think we have a good scene coming up.

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Straight Boy Edward With a Dragon Tattoo on March 26, 2019, 10:28 p.m.

Straight boy Edward is 5'6" and about 120 pounds. He definitely likes raising money for his girlfriend's bills, and jerking it naked is not that tough a job. He's never done anything with a guy before and is completely hetero, but he has no problem stripping down and beating off for the camera. His body is lean, muscular, a little rangy and mostly smooth, with a beautiful treasure trail and a bit of hair under his arms and on his thighs. Once he starts stroking, his cock is stiff and ready to rock. From Edward's easy, relaxed mood, you'd think he's been modeling for years, he is just that calm and natural in front of the camera. A sexy dragon tattoo is emblazoned across his chest, giving him a tough look for a short, skinny guy. Once his determined beating fist speeds up it's pretty clear he's headed for the big splash. His nuts draw up tight and cock swells as he readies, aims, and FIRE! A juicy spurt showers Edward's tight belly with sticky cream that drips down his hip as he smiles, proud of putting on a good show for the boys with the dough.

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Corey and Keith Flip for Fun and $$ on March 26, 2019, 10:28 p.m.

Keith explains that the hustlers are flaking or weirded out by the camera, but he has an alternate offer. "Corey and I can both do something for ya", to which Corey chimes in, "Yeah, I'm broke". Before you know it Keith has peeled off Corey's t-shirt and jeans, fingering his hole and sucking his rapidly swelling cock. Corey doesn't mind a bit, with his eyes rolling back in ecstasy. And Keith seems to be suspiciously good in the cocksucker role. These boys have a natural chemistry together. Corey pokes his butt up while he's on hands and knees, Keith sucking his and drilling a finger up his hungry hole. Once Keith slides his cock into Corey, their conversation turns to groans and whispers. "Fuck yeah," Keith finally mumbles out as his breathing turns hot and heavy. He pulls out to slap his cock around Corey's lubed-up ass cheeks. Corey's head is flailing back in his sexy little dream world as he screams out, "God yes, FUCK me!" It looks like so much fun that Keith rolls onto hands and knees for Corey to have a go at his ass. Corey's nuts pull up tight as he slams his smooth pink cock into Keith's welcoming ass. He lays on his stomach with legs spread and Corey pounds his hole with no mercy. On his back and holding his legs wide open, he begs for more and Corey's happy to give it. Their pants and moans speed up and corey starts racing toward a big cum shot. Straddling his bud, Corey explodes in spurt after spurt and sprays Keith in the eye. Keith wants to shoot his load, but the cameraman tells him to save it for tomorrow. There's always another shoot cumming up!

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Brian Chavez Yanks and Wanks on March 26, 2019, 10:28 p.m.

Sexy brown Dominican straight boy Brian Chavez doesn't like sucking dick (duhh!) but loves to pull his pud for the camera. Stripping down to show off his uncut 8" meat, he just needs a little squirt of lube and he's ready for action. His long loose foreskin glides enticingly over the big shiny head of his perfect cock. He loves his cock as much as we could. Brian enlists both hands to slide back the skin and give his nuts a good yank. His balls bob and shake with his hard stroking, and he instinctively slides a hand across his muscular chest. Rising to his knees he fucks his fist and keeps a close eye on his beautiful dick. Cupping his sack with one hand and pulling on his long perfect piece with the other, he feels the rumble of a load boiling up in his balls. Settling back onto the couch and beating a slow steady rhythm, a creamy wad comes spurting out in no time flat. Brian smiles at the camera for a job well-done.

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Nick Learns to Bob on the Knob on March 26, 2019, 10:28 p.m.

Nick Kush is a first-time gay-for-pay model, paired with Travis Cooper (who has a bit more male camera experience). Their first assignment is cocksucking, and they seem a little shellshocked. Nick slathers on some kiwi-flavored lube, unaware that lube for cocksucking is not a very useful addition. But Travis likes the flavor, so all's good, and manages to go down handily on Nick's massive prong. Nick has to admit that he really like the feel of Travis' mouth. Travis backs off a sec to catch his breath, strokes Nick a bit while he licks the head. Nick is a bossy little fucker that tells Travis how hard to stroke and when to slow down. Just wait till he's the one having to perform the fellatio. Nick beats off savagely for a few minutes, now it's his turn to get a faceful of straight cock. He has to be coached in how to beat off another man's dick, so you wouldn't expect much of him in the cocksucking department. He's afraid to choke and gag -- "I've never had something this big go in my mouth!" But between short bouts of jerking and gingerly licking dickhead , he's slowly getting up to speed. Travis is pretty patient with the hung newbie, even when Nick is obviously beating too quick and rough. The cameraman coaches him to lick Travis' nuts, which he does hesitantly, running his mouth across the scrotum like it's a cob of corn. Next attempt at sucking Travis' man-sized cock goes better, and he's halfway down the shaft. He still slides his mouth from side to side awkwardly along the length of the shaft. Claiming his hand is tired, he talks Travis into beating his own cock for a few. Finally rubbing Travis' balls and smooth shaved taint as he sucks, Nick gets him close. Travis takes over and strokes for real. Nick joins in on his own half-staff woody. Travis uses one hand on his own cock and the other on Nick's, never taking his eyes off Nick's big thickening cock. Soon he is splattering his chest with hot straight boy cum. Nick smiles sheepishly after lesson number one.

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First Time for Sucking Cock on March 26, 2019, 3:35 a.m.

Goateed hip dude Mitch is 18, #straight, wants to get into modeling for gay porn, and says he will succeed because he's "pretty determined". So far his experience is with one guy who picked him up at a bus stop, offered him wine and then gave him $50 and a #blowjob. Cassidy on the other hand is gay and does some #escort work. Cassidy warms things up by giving Mitch his first male French kiss, which Mitch is cool with after the weirdness off the first few seconds. Mitch strips #naked and Cassidy keeps his #briefs and baseball cap on for now, goes down and sucks Mitch's already #hardcock. Keeping his eyes closed, Mitch moans a bit of encouragement and seems to relax. Cassidy's a great #cocksucker and gives Mitch a chance to lie back and get comfortable with the situation. Mitch begins slowly pumping his hips up towards Cassidy's hot juicy mouth, and is getting into it more every second. As Mitch takes over to #stroke, Cassidy slowly brushes his hand across his buddy's nuts and taint. Now it's time for Mitch to suck his first cock. At first going down a quarter of the way, he doesn't seem to mind the sensation. Holding the hard piece at the base, he licks the shaft. Cassidy stands and gently pumps his thick meat into Mitch deep enough to feel great but not so far to make him gag. Mitch licks and seems to enjoy inhaling the male scent of Cassidy's crotch. He beats that #dick in time with his sucking. Cassidy takes over and starts stroking fast and hard. His nuts pull up tight and fire off a series of big thick spurts. Mitch is cool with his first #cocksucking experience, but didn't know he would be starting with a #cock that big and thick! (He'll learn to love it, just wait...)

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