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Yonni Takes Both on Sept. 2, 2019, 12:02 p.m.

Nerdy little Yonni and the boys are ready for Round 2. Yonni sucks on James thick cock while Brian encourages him on. Brian asks if Yonni is ready to try something new and he gets sandwiched between James and Brian on his knees. James gloves up and mounts Yonni from behind before flipping him over missionary style. Brian works himself up to blow another load watching James fuck Yonni and gives Yonni a facial. James follows right after and unloads all over Yonni's torso.

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This Shit Is Weird on June 15, 2019, 12:19 a.m.

I can't believe I'm here doin' this shit with Erick. In the same Frat at college, we've been challenged to suck each other and film it; Erick figured we might as well make a few bucks as well as "memories." He said his gay friend knew a site we could use; setting it up with #DesperateStraightGuys, he and I are now on a couch and about to blow one another. This shit is weird. Holy hell, where did Erick learn to suck like this; I'm up fast and thinking he's better than my girlfriend. The closer I get the more eager he seems to be; I lay back and while he licks my nuts, I blow my load. The director has us move to the bed; weird, the guy gives Erick a look, and they both chuckle. Sucking his dick, Erick seems very excited, I think he was hard even before I started. So as I continue, the director tells me to move around Erick and suck his nuts while stroking his nipples; we are going to have a good laugh with the other guys later. All the sudden, this shit gets real; Erick starts moaning and shoving his cock in my mouth. As I pull back and stroke him, he thrusts his hips and nuts like crazy; he hits his face, pillow and wall. I feel like I may have been set up or something. The straight model is Raymond; as for Erick's proclivities, I told him I would not comment, but he did say "thank you" when they left.

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He'll Do! on June 15, 2019, 12:19 a.m.

I've got a life, I've got a wife, hell, and I even got a kid. It's just that sometimes, I like cock too. Justin Cross will do. Trading blow jobs, he walks in "prepared." Feeling and suckin' each other, he definitely has some oral skills; guys just know. Taking care of one another, we both stroke each other off and talk about doing more. The older blonde in this video is Chris.

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Scott's First Male Blowjob on June 15, 2019, 12:19 a.m.

21-year old Nick and 22-year old Scott are both scruffy, spiky haired gay-for-pay guys who enjoy making some exxxtra $$$ getting off with other guys on camera. Scott is first time having sex with a guys, so this could be interesting. When they disrobe and check each other out, it's obvious they have more chemistry than they are letting on. Gripping Scott's meaty cock from the base, Scott goes down on the head at first, stroking with his fist as he sucks. Nick gives a helpful reacharound and gladly beats his buddy's dick while he's enjoying Scott's first-time suck. Getting more comfortable, Scott ventures down to sniff and suck on Nick's big balls. Nick lies back on the futon. Scott begins to really go for it, taking more and more of Nick's cock down his throat to Scott's groans of approval. Nick grips the bed as that blowjob starts to churn up a low in his nuts. "Oh, fuuck, shit!" he moans as Scott milks a geyser of creamy cum out of him, then licks up the drips off his fist and fingers. Now it's Nick's turn. Nick crouches between Scott's legs and easily slurps down his meat to the root. Scott is almost smooth-crotched, and his cock and balls are shaved clean. Nick uses his hand and tongue to work Scott up to a stiff woody, lets it grow in his hot wet mouth. He beats Scott's cock hard, setting his nuts jangling below. The tight six-pack of Scott's abs tense and tighten as his groin locks and loads into firing position. As he boils over and sprays his load, he yells out "Stop!", then relaxes and moans in ecstasy. It's Scott's first cum with his first guy, and he pronounces it "REALLY good!"

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Straightboy Suckathon on June 15, 2019, 12:19 a.m.

Jordan, Jadizon and Nu are straight guys who need the cash, and are motivated enough to all suck on each others' cocks for the internet. Jordan is a mischievous blond with a crew cut and a muscular torso covered with tattoos front and back. Jadizon is a close cropped Latino, well-built with a pierced ear and couple of tats, ever-smiling and friendly. Nu is dark-haired, bespectacled and lean, a fresh-faced boy next door. The threesome huddle up on the bed and Nu goes first, getting a mouthful of Jordan's long pale cock while Jadizon stands alongside getting his nuts fondled while he strokes his bronzed dick. Jadizon is happy to get down on the bed and hold Nu's cock in hand while he slowly gets it down his throat. Jordan moans dreamy-eyed when Jad takes over sucking duties on him, then Nu takes another crack at rock-hard Jordan. Both of them lick and nuzzle at once while Jordan just lies back and enjoys. Jad and Nu kneel on either side of Jordan stroking, and he takes each of them into his talented mouth. Jad is not quite hard, but Jordan's sucking wakes his cock as he grips and jerks Jordan's meat pole. Nu is getting turned on watching and can't help squirting out his approval in a thick creamy splatter that covers Jordan's tight abs and biceps. Jordan barely misses a beat sucking Jadizon, but scrapes up the load and licks it off his hand before going back to work. Nu slurps down Jordan then Jadizon lies in the middle of the action. Jordan beats and swallows his cock while Nu massages his muscular thighs and fondles his nutsack. Jad takes over with his fist and cums in a long stream that leaks out between his fingers. Jordan licks the bits off his cock and balls then lies back to milk out his own load. When Nu rubs just behind his balls, Jordan speeds up and gets ready to fire off a wad. Jadizon and Nu move in closer and squeeze his legs as he breathes slower and his nuts draw up tight. A few splatters splash out, then a volley of cum sprays onto his muscular belly. He licks his lips as Jad and Nu move in to gingerly take a taste.

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Austin's Ass Licking on June 14, 2019, 11:28 a.m.

Austin is back after two years, and this time paired up with new guy AJ who has been on the site for a few weeks. Experienced Austin is eager to start, and takes a big mouthful of AJ's "organic-tasting" cock. It takes a minute to get AJ's hormones racing, but soon he's up and ready to fuck it into Austin's hungry mouth. Dark, handsome AJ leans back dreamily and lets nature take its course. Austin is a talented sucker, easily deep throating all of AJ's substantial meat. When Austin straddles AJ's face to 69, he gets a mouthful, but AJ burrows in to lick his hole instead. Austin holds the dick in one hand, the perfect angle to aim straight down his throat. Soon he backs onto AJ's face, starts beating his own dick while he's getting his hole eaten out. AJ beats his meat too, must like the flavor of musky manhole. Austin starts grinding and riding AJ's tongue, but it's AJ who's so turned on that he can't hold back from spraying his load all over. It was great for both guys, now it's Austin's turn to get off. AJ starts on Austin's nuts and finally #deepthroats his cock. Austin holds his head and fucks in, then AJ bites his nipple and starts stroking. "Awww, fuck yeah," is all Austin can manage to get out. With AJ rolling his balls around in his mouth, Austin gets close and speeds up. When his load rumbles up from below, big spurts of creamy #manjuice splatter across his lean tight abs. He's so sensitive once he's shot off that his body jerks and spasms with every little touch from his new bud.

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Just Keeps Growing on March 28, 2019, 2:50 a.m.

Edited and formatted for today's technology, we revisit a popular video featuring Ali Elan and Mikey. Ali started out doing gay for pay work so knows how to suck the dick, but he wasn't quite ready for a dick like Mikey's. Once Mikey started getting hard, Ali was choking on his 9 incher and couldn't get over how big it was; and it just kept growing. After a hot and sloppy blow job, I wanted to see these guys kiss, so I asked them to do it; fortunately they did! The only problem was, Mikey got so hot from the kissing that he soon had to blow his load and what a load it was! #straightguys

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Travis & Eric Part 1 on March 28, 2019, 2:50 a.m.

The two good things about our blonde Travis is that he's got bills to pay and a large cock; we like that at He is paired with Eric, a well-versed Vers, who doesn't mind getting fucked. Rising to the occasion, Travis enjoys the warm wet mouth provided; will he like the boy hole? Parkin' his pecker in Eric, the straight boy thrusts as his partner moans, "he's a big one." Once Eric gets used to the size, Travis speeds up and re-positions, then he fucks until he pulls out and blows all over Eric's groin, hand and stomach. After, Travis answers the question every gay guy wants to know about a straight guy, "you ready to get fucked?" Part Two will determine just how many bills Travis is willing to "pay for."

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A Cock With A Hood! on March 27, 2019, 3:45 a.m.

This sexy Latino has got a nice cock, and as he puts it, "its on the larger side." Santiago does need something besides a good nut, he's here for the money. Jerking his cock and chatting, he does wish more American girls would finger; he demonstrates and shoots a big load on his face all the way to his groin for #DesperateStraightGuys.

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Nick Gets Off Giving Jacob a Handy on March 27, 2019, 3:45 a.m.

Nick has shot a solo before but never a vid with another guy. At least he has Jacob, who has sucked a guy's dick, beating off next to him. Old pro Jacob is even eager to lend a juicy wet mouth to Nick to help get things into gear. Once both young studs are getting a bit of wood, Nick dribbles saliva onto Jacob's rock hard curved cock. Jacob obviously doesn't mind attention, or Nick checking out every inch of his muscular tatted body. Nick slowly strokes Jacob's woody and it responds almost immediately with a thick geyser of hot dripping cum. Jerking another guy's dick agrees with Nick, and a little helping hand slicked with Jacob's own creamy load is just what he needs to push him over the edge into his own sticky climax.

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