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Fucked by a guy named Pony

10 months, 2 weeks

Went to HawksPDX which is a great sex club in Portland, OR., met this guy named Pony that was all horned up and wanted to fuck. It's a good thing I had my camera on me and that I was already prepped for the fuckin', otherwise I would have had to pass up the chance of getting a LARGE piece of Pony in me. I took Pony in the bathroom of the sex club and began sucking his cock. Once I had him hard, which wasn't long, I was blown away at how large his dick was. I may have spent too much time sucking his cock cause once he started to fucking on my ass it didn't take him long to start spraying his load in my butt. So, it's not a long fuck session but that's fine by me. Just means I have more of a reason to get him back for more.

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