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@XXXChristianM and @Ryan_Raz Cabana Cocksuck

5 months, 3 weeks

Studly alpha male Christian Matthews stretches out in a cabana of billowing white fabric while Ryan Raz wastes no time getting off on sucking his dick. Christian groans in encouragement, and stands to plow Ryan's face full of hard horny cock. Raz caresses and cups his tight nuts while he whispers a few words of admiration for that perfect dick he's eating. Christian's buns tighten and thrust up into Ryan's wet, hungry mouth hole, and Raz adds some spit to make the glide even smoother. Short, sharp strokes push Christian steadily into the hot juicy throat, while Ryan stays there happily getting mouth fucked. He takes the lead then and drools more saliva on and insistently beats a load out of Matthews', to the accompaniment of load groans and panting breath from the hot daddy top. #cocksucking #bigdicks #ChristianMatthews #cumeating

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