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Micah Gives David a Cum Facial

11 months

One step inside the open door and already cum guzzler David Ace is on his knees and groping Micah Martinez' thick coffee-colored dick. He kneads Micah's low, heavy nuts and goes in for a full throatful of huge erect cock. In an act of dick worship, David licks around the edges with a darting tongue, never losing eye contact with Micah. Then he opens his throat wide and slowly gorges himself on the whole upward-curving shaft. He holds the prick up against Micah's stubbly pubes and juggles the balls in his ravenous mouth. Now Micah can't help getting his ass in gear and begins to pump his hips and propel his rod down David's gullet. David strokes him with two hands and goes back to slurping and worshipping the smooth slick head. Micah braces the back of David's head and fucks in hard and fast. All his careful attention is getting to Micah, who begins breathing deep and slowly, feeling his nuts churning up a load to send rocketing out of that massive cock. Micah lays a hand on his cock for the first time and immediately a thick creamy batch of spermy goodness comes streaming out. He aims for David's mouth but sprays shot after shot across David's mouth and chin. David licks up as much as he can, kneels there drenched and dripping hot stud juice and smiling with cocksucker satisfaction.

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