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David Eats Cesar Xes' Fuckpole

11 months, 1 week

Bronzed Latin stud Cesar Xes is the next lucky dude to get the oral attention of cocksucker extraordinaire David Ace. Cesar lets his jeans drop to his knees and pumps his cock deep into David, then smiles as he pulls out and lets a thick string of saliva hang down off his big uncut head. David just grabs and slobbers on it a little more, eases its hard entry to the depths of his ravenous throat. He's got Cesar so hot that the horny top flicks his rock hard prod, lets it careen from side to side like a steel spring. Cesar churns his cock around in David's mouth and slaps his face with the massive tool. David calms the frenzy a little by gently taking each of his nuts into his mouth. He rubs his tongue and wet lips across the head and along the shaft. Cesar groans with pleasure and writhes with a building urgency. He takes dick in hand and glides his smooth brown foreskin till it covers his big mushroom head. Finally it's time to let the Cesar's juice fly, and it sprays over David's face from eyebrows to chin. David can't help standing and beating off, splatters cum over Cesar's bushy pubes and big tight nuts. He licks up every drop then stands to share the taste of two manly loads with his satisfied top.

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