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Elliot & Kyle Adventures Part 1 on Oct. 28, 2019, 6:51 p.m.

We went through Elliot Cross and Kyle Brooks trip to St Louis and put together the best of the best cum pig action, hook ups, hot guys, and cocking sucking clips for you to enjoy. Sit back, grab hold and stroke along as we skip right to the action.

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#HunterVanHeise sucks an anonymous cock on Sept. 12, 2019, 12:24 p.m.

#HunterVanHeise sucks off a big uncut anonymous cock

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Wesley Lakes with Tyler Frisella and Kirk Kummer

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#HunterVanHeise Services @Brettbradleyxxx on Sept. 10, 2019, 12:19 p.m.

Brett Bradley catches Hunter Van Heise jacking off and feeds him his huge cock and cum.

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Holden Hawks and Kirk Kummer on Sept. 10, 2019, 11:55 a.m.

Two military studs are at the urinal pissing, when one grabs the others cock. The guys both sic each others cocks. Kirk shoots a huge load into Holden's eager mouth.

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Its late at night and the boys are at it again. This time its Hunter, Michael, and Alex. two of the guys are covered in tattoos. The scene is really hot with all there guys swapping blow jobs and eating cum.

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Spencer Takes A Load Off Christop on Sept. 2, 2019, 11:10 a.m.

Christop and Spencer Gray are out on the side of the house making out. Christop already has his pants off, hard cock in hand and ready for Spencer to work his magic on his big cock. After some hot kissing, Spencer is ready to take on Christop's large cock. Getting up on his knee's, Spencer leans over and goes down on Christop. It's soon obvious that Christop is enjoying every minute of getting his cock serviced; complete with eyes rolling back in their sockets. Spencer works every inch down to the base of the shaft making sure to keep his tasty treat good and wet. The cameraman positions himself on the ground looking up between Christop's legs so we can see his hole puckering as Spencer works the shaft. Adding a little extra stimuli, Spencer plays with Christop's balls while showing us his oral skills. Christop is ready to blow and takes over with his hand to feed his load to Spencer. Spencer makes sure to lick up his reward and finish with a creamy kis

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Best Of #EvanHeart on June 22, 2019, 10:27 a.m.

Young, masculine, horny and testosterone-fueled! That's sexy porn stud Evan Heart in a nutshell (or nutsack). As our stud prowls the deck of a clothing-optional resort, his mouth waters at the sight of a likely pair of young sunbathers, Landon and Rylan, with their ample cocks bobbing under towels. Evan intently peels off their towels to reveal a proud pair of stiff poles to whet his appetite. After giving them a few appreciative tugs, he gets to work on Rylan, sucking his thick, veiny monster to the root as its happy owner lies back with a little moan of satisfaction. His lips caress the fuzzy bush at the balls end of Rylan's pole, then turns his attention to Landon's smooth uncut shaft as it stands at attention. The two rise to their feet and surround Evan as he kneels and turns to stuff his throat full with both big throbbing tools. After slurping their juicy rewards, he moves on to another pair, Blake and Jacques, and another overflowing mouthful, two loads of thick cum. Insatiable, he settles on a one-on-one encounter with Jacobey on the deck, deep-throating his dick as he returns the favor by milking Evan's straining, fully-engorged cock till both are spurting and spraying a giant dual eruption of hot creamy sperm. #young #stud #evanheart #uncut #cocksucker #twinks #outdoors

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Best Of #EvanHeart 2 on June 22, 2019, 10:27 a.m.

Evan continues his relentless hunt for stiff cock. Taking a break laying face down and lightly pumping his firm ass up and down, he soon has the attention of Antonio Kava. Kava seductively rubs Evan's crack while Evan plays with his cock. Soon Evan has Antonio down on the cot and drops to his knees to worship his uncut dick. Kava releases a massive load that drips from Evan's chin to his nose, and soon Evan's load is spraying across his own fuzzy abs. Evan next moves on to fair-haired boy next door Nick at a shady lounge chair, and hungry Heart wants another mouthful of hot sperm. Finally Evan spots lean, smooth bad boy Alexander lying on a wicker cabana bed, and next thing you know he's next to Alexander and worshiping his long perfectly smooth cock. Working his way down he playfully teases Alexander's stubbly asshole before nuzzling and then licking the hot musky crack as Alexander furiously works his dick up to a juicy climax. Evan is there to catch every glistening drop on his lips and tongue, and finally he's satisfied his insatiable need. But wait, his dick hunt is not finished, but "to be continued..." #young #stud #evanheart #uncut #cocksucker #twink #outdoors #antoniokava

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Studly alpha male Christian Matthews stretches out in a cabana of billowing white fabric while Ryan Raz wastes no time getting off on sucking his dick. Christian groans in encouragement, and stands to plow Ryan's face full of hard horny cock. Raz caresses and cups his tight nuts while he whispers a few words of admiration for that perfect dick he's eating. Christian's buns tighten and thrust up into Ryan's wet, hungry mouth hole, and Raz adds some spit to make the glide even smoother. Short, sharp strokes push Christian steadily into the hot juicy throat, while Ryan stays there happily getting mouth fucked. He takes the lead then and drools more saliva on and insistently beats a load out of Matthews', to the accompaniment of load groans and panting breath from the hot daddy top. #cocksucking #bigdicks #ChristianMatthews #cumeating

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Ryan Raz sits on a lush shady terrace, and peels off Dick Savvy's t-shirt and short to reveal a muscular, hairy body with close trimmed pubes. He wastes no time getting a taste of that long, straight pierced dick, and bearded Savvy holds his head while he plunges in. The ring through Dick's taint gleams as he fucks into Ryan's juicy throat. Gobs of saliva drip down Dick's rod and onto his tight scrotum. His whole body pulses as he thrusts in. Ryan is so turned on with this intense oral assault that he can't help stroking his own cock. Dick pulls him down off the chair till he's on his knees with his mouth gaping open. Cum slicks down from Dick's Prince Albert and Ryan is up on his feet joining him with a thick load of his own. He then gobbles both off Dick's twitching, happy cock. #DickSavvy #RyanRaz #hunks #bear #cocksucking #princealbert

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Angelic hippie dude Spencer Gray has a bit of devil in him, especially when there's a big black cock within swallowing distance. Mega hung stud August Alexander is just the man to pump his prong down Spencer's gullet, exactly the right way. Spencer beams like a kid at Christmas as he greedily stuffs his throat with giant uncut black meat. Not that it's easy--Spencer's mouth is stretched open to the limit just reaching around the hefty girth of August's big dick. His sculpted cheeks puff out every time August gives a push and fills his mouth beyond the limit. Deep throating a normal big cock is not a huge challenge for Spencer, but that kind of talent only gets him two thirds of the way down to the fuzzy pubes that frame August's fuckpole. As he gets close to cumming, August provides a reach around and grabs Spencer by the scruff of the neck to give him a little boost. He pulls out and sprays a wild splatter that races past both sides of Spencer's handsome face. The young stud plasters his face down onto the cock to taste the last creamy spurts as they shoot deep into his insatiable throat. #SpencerGray #SpencerGray #bigdick #BBC #black #blackdock #cocksucking #Facefuck

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