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Spencer Gray - Cocksucker's Feast on Feb. 14, 2020, 3:53 p.m.

It's a cornucopia of cock-slurping festivity starring cocksucker extraordinaire Spencer Gray. This hot curly-headed twink has the oral skills that hit the jackpot every time in this cumpilation with such lucky dick donors as Christian Matthews, August Alexander, Micah Martinez, Cesar Xes and Leo Alexander. Spencer's in rare form and we see him getting mouthfuls of cum from all the hot horny partners. Micah stands above our happy sucker, ebony muscles gleaming as he milks out a batch of fresh sticky cream. Then mohawked Christian lies on a bed while Gray does his magic and gets rewarded with a juicy load fucked straight into his throat. Cesar's big brown uncut cock and heavy nuts are like candy to the cockguzzler and Spencer slurps on Cesar's balls and sniffs his crotch as the Latin stud strokes out a big wet splatter. Christop is a hot tatted hippie with a long straight white tool. He shoots his wad into Gray's face and drizzles it onto his pubes for cleanup duty. Musclebear Hans uses Gray's head as a fuck toy and blasts his cock down the hungry dicklicker's throat. August's massive prong is a challenge for even a pro like Spencer but he finally sucks it down to the mahogany nuts. Built beauty Leo stands, uses one hand to grind Gray's skull down onto his thick curved endowment. And finally it's all young Spencer can take, he splatters his load across the floor just as Leo sprays his seed into the master sucker's handsome and satisfied face.

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Hot and hungry, Asian cocksucker Gavin Winters takes on the big meaty tool dangling between Joseph Banks' long legs. Lanky muscleboy Joseph slinks down on the bed, pumping his crotch up to meet Gavin's powerful dick vacuum. Gripping Banks' nuts and the base of his pole, Gavin closes his eyes, slurps his way down to the root. Joseph just lies back and lets a talented sucker get to work. When things get heated up Joseph joins in to grab Gavin by the manbun and fuck his dick up into the juicy wet mouth. Gavin catches his breath licking his buddy's big full nutsack, snot dripping down his upper lip. "Choke on my dick," Joseph whispers as a big gob of spit slides out of Gavin's lips. His beating fist is drenched with saliva and Gavin gasps for oxygen. They switch so Gavin's on his back with head hanging as Banks uses his face as a fuck toy. The cocksucker finally gags, spills out a cupful of regurgitated spit. Face soaked and mouth wide open, Gavin nibbles on Banks' nuts as he beats off to a huge eruption of cum. By the third hefty shot he buries it back in, shoots his load right where Gavin wants it most, in his cumstarved little mouth. Gavin milks out one of his own, smearing it across his tight abs.

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Feed It To Me on Dec. 30, 2019, 12:18 p.m.

Skipping to the action with some sexy college boys with tight asses, here's a cumpilation of them fucking and feeding their loads to waiting mouths and some cum swapping.

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Asian cocksucker Gavin Winters is already on his knees getting his throat rammed full of Desiderio Diaz' XL brown cock. Gavin's booty is out of his shorts and a nice little visual stimulus for a top like Desi. But the hot little bottom's wet, juicy mouth is the main event. Desiderio strokes his dick a few times and slides it back into that talented gullet. Gavin pulls away to catch his breath and Desiderio fingers his hole. He sits while Gavin grabs around his cheeks to get a better angle, taking the stiff rod down to the fuzzy pubes. Desiderio's getting close, holds a hank of Gavin's hair while he drives his meat in. Licking his lips when Gavin slurps on his nuts. He can't hold back as Gavin wags his ass in front of him, splatters his load over the hot little Asian's crack.

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Horny little Asian sucker Gavin Winters is hungry in the kitchen but it ain't for the cooking. Bryson Belair's cock is on the menu and it looks fucking tasty. The lean shaved stud with the hairy crotch and ass is busy plowing his big up-curved piece into Gavin while he holds the hot bottom's head. Thick gobs of saliva are dripping from Winters' lips and chin as he goes happily about the task. "You're just so fuckin' GOOD!" exclaims Bryson as he fucks in deep. He grabs a corner of the kitcen wall to brace and starts pummeling his prick into Winters, who only occasionally stops to nibble his hot top's swinging nuts. Cum-hungry Gavin kneels with his mouth gaping as Bryson beats off, filling it with a fresh splattering batch of sweet hand-whipped cream.

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Elliot & Kyle Adventures Part 1 on Oct. 28, 2019, 7:51 p.m.

We went through Elliot Cross and Kyle Brooks trip to St Louis and put together the best of the best cum pig action, hook ups, hot guys, and cocking sucking clips for you to enjoy. Sit back, grab hold and stroke along as we skip right to the action.

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#HunterVanHeise sucks an anonymous cock on Sept. 12, 2019, 1:24 p.m.

#HunterVanHeise sucks off a big uncut anonymous cock

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Wesley Lakes with Tyler Frisella and Kirk Kummer

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#HunterVanHeise Services @Brettbradleyxxx on Sept. 10, 2019, 1:19 p.m.

Brett Bradley catches Hunter Van Heise jacking off and feeds him his huge cock and cum.

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Holden Hawks and Kirk Kummer on Sept. 10, 2019, 12:55 p.m.

Two military studs are at the urinal pissing, when one grabs the others cock. The guys both sic each others cocks. Kirk shoots a huge load into Holden's eager mouth.

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